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En Route to Singapore!

I finally uploaded the first part of my Singapore Vlog Series! It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and tell me what you think. Anyways, I hope you will like it as much as I had fun editing it!

Stay tuned for the next vlogs and hopefully more in the future!

Sending you love, Gwyn


Bright Places

When you're given the opportunity to travel, you know the protocol: street style. 



During my free time, I would always find myself absent-mindedly flicking my fingers up and down my laptop's trackpad, navigating through the realm of YouTube. There is no doubt how much this site has opened the world to me - in a literal and metaphorical sense. Even before, when its logo looked like a television bathed in a brown and green color scheme, it was still my to-go-to site.

I have been on YouTube for a long time now, I even used to post music videos and vlogs about the most random antics I was up to. And now, I'm finally back at it again - but this time with much more dedication. I hope this time, it'll be consistent (like, every week?) because I have this thing about starting something and not finishing it in the end so I really do wish that it will work this time. (I'm using this time after every word, ugh)

Anyways, I uploaded a Spring Lookbook on my channel! I didn't have anyone to help me, so my tripod was of good use. It would mean a lot if you watched it, and subscribed too (wink wink).

Sending you love, Gwyn


Exploring South

I've never really travelled in the southern part of the city, much less go beyond SRP, despite the number of years I've been calling this place home; it never really occurred to me until I grew and became more and more curious of the wonders around me. The map I've been creating marks on was too vast that I forgot to magnify the places I should've looked at first. Fortunately, the summer of 2016 paved way to unexpected trips to local sights I have never been to, with the best company I could ever ask for.


Bleu Foncé

Summer has finally come upon us! This calls for high-waisted shorts, printed rompers, spaghetti-strapped tops and huge sunglasses. Although in some other countries they consider this time of the year spring, the sunny rays and the very hot temperature surrounding our topical country beg to differ.


VLOG: Photoshoot Shenanigans

Hello! I am finally back after heaps of schoolwork (not that it ended already, sad). But on a brighter note, I finally found the spare time to edit and post the vlog I've been itching to upload for the past month. Here it is!

Check out my youtube channel as well because I'm gonna post some stuff there too since it's almost summer!

With love, Gwyn
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