During my free time, I would always find myself absent-mindedly flicking my fingers up and down my laptop's trackpad, navigating through the realm of YouTube. There is no doubt how much this site has opened the world to me - in a literal and metaphorical sense. Even before, when its logo looked like a television bathed in a brown and green color scheme, it was still my to-go-to site.

I have been on YouTube for a long time now, I even used to post music videos and vlogs about the most random antics I was up to. And now, I'm finally back at it again - but this time with much more dedication. I hope this time, it'll be consistent (like, every week?) because I have this thing about starting something and not finishing it in the end so I really do wish that it will work this time. (I'm using this time after every word, ugh)

Anyways, I uploaded a Spring Lookbook on my channel! I didn't have anyone to help me, so my tripod was of good use. It would mean a lot if you watched it, and subscribed too (wink wink).

Sending you love, Gwyn
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