Bleu Foncé

Summer has finally come upon us! This calls for high-waisted shorts, printed rompers, spaghetti-strapped tops and huge sunglasses. Although in some other countries they consider this time of the year spring, the sunny rays and the very hot temperature surrounding our topical country beg to differ.

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dark blue
One Sunday night, Mark and I were Telegramming about my shoe crisis. I accidentally bought a pair of shoes that didn't fit me right and all parts of me went into havoc. After several 'hahaha' and 'lols' swapped, the idea of going back to the store to exchange the item was all set. Then, someone said the magical words: "Hey, let's do a shoot tomorrow!"

And just like that, both of us had to do an obligatory wardrobe revamping in order to find the outfit for our serendipitous photoshoot.

I ended up wearing this romper which I had for quite a long time now and it's still as comfortable as ever! It has this flower print that's perfect for spring and I paired it with this jacket that's like a bomber but at the same time has this cool detailing (which I didn't even know was in my closet!) to make the look edgier.

There's also a huge sale going on in Topshop right now and they're having up to 70% off on most of their items! I absolutely adore these cut-out boots that I bought for half its original price, a good deal if I must say.

Romper from Mango
Jacket from Forever 21
Shoes from Topshop
Shades from Marc Jacobs

This photo looks like a spread for a mall lol

All photos were taken by Alyssa Comahig

Hope everyone's having a great summer so far!
With love, Gwyn

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