Shades of California: Melrose Avenue

I've heard a copious amount of stories about California - from my friends, relatives, cousins, and even bloggers - and all of which seemed so interesting to me that I made a note to myself that I would want to experience that thrill and excitement someday, firsthand, in the land of the sun itself. 

One sartorial piece I would never ever regret buying is a good, comfortable and cute shirt. So me buying the shirt I'm wearing (I also blogged about it in my previous post) was not at all a questionable quest - especially since it had the city I've been wanting to go to, written all over it.

Earlier last year, I decided to avoid wearing shirts although I'm not quite why. So, it was so fulfilling to invest in a classic tee that could bring me to places. (Ha ha, get it?) 

I personally adore this skirt because it looks so vintage but cute at the same time. I've been getting a lot of compliments about it and that it was the "perfect shade of denim". A random girl once half-yelled at me saying, "I love your skirt!". It surprised me a a bit, but it was flattering either way.

Back to my California Haze, just recently my Aunt came home from LA, I've learned a lot from her stories. She told me all about the city, its wonders (I was particularly amazed with Melrose Avenue so hence, the title), and also her journey - from arriving alone with a vague mission, to eventually finding happiness in her life. The whole process was fascinating to me and it really inspired me to work hard for my ambitions. 

With that said, I could relate it to what an inspirational speaker once told us during a seminar: that before stressing yourself over a shift to earn enough money for a plane ticket, make sure to pinpoint your dreams and to be specific with each one, although it would seem scary but it will make things much clearer. Besides, if your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough.

LA is just one the places I would love to visit someday in my long list of marvelous cities and paper towns. I hope I will, someday.

Shirt from Pull and Bear
Skirt from Bershka
Shoes from Keds

Thank you so much for taking the time to go over this post and read it, it means a lot! Also, the pageviews I've been getting over the past four days are very overwhelming, all my love goes out to all of you!

I hope this post somewhat inspired you even though I constantly change the topic in every paragraph (ha ha). This is my last post for the California Series but not the last of The Haute Express, hopefully. Also, I'd like to share one obsession  and that's Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik! It's aesthetically pleasing akin to the kind of music I opt to listen. My words can't even describe how beautiful it sounds, definitely worth two minutes of your time - or even more if you're like me and have been listening to it all day since the release.

With love, Gwyn

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