The Haute Express

After several sleepless nights and disregarded coffee cups later, I finally revamped my blog and gathered enough content that would keep this blog running. Thankfully, my friends helped me achieve this goal - all my love goes to you, guys!

So without further ado, The Haute Express is now officially (more like finally) on the internet!

I would like to thank the following:
Alyssa Comahig for shooting the video and for being the most supportive co-blogger friend and best friend one could ever ask for!
Aly's blog: theprotagoniste.blogspot.com
Aly's twitter: twitter.com/ComahigAlyssa
Aly's instagram: instagram.com/alyssacomahig

Mark Daclan for editing the video and for making my impromptu and unplanned video an art.
Mark's blog: in the making ;)
Mark's instagram: instagram.com/marrkjoseph
Music: Take it or Leave it by Great Good Fine OK

With love, Gwyn

P.S. To all those who told me to pursue my blog, I'm more than happy to say that I'm back to blogging! The yearly hiatus I go through after a single blog post is gone no more! I can't wait to post all the new stuff I have in store for this one. I'll do my best to be as active as I can. With that being said, hopefully my plans for this blog's future will be in my favor - with the grace of God.

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