Shades of California: California Klass

Maybe you have to be in California to feel its hippie and free-spirited atmosphere, but you will never find yourself in a position wherein you have to find class; you carry and embody it in you - that's if, you choose to.

Hello beautiful beings of the internet! I'm very happy to be back on the blog! I am aware of the fact that the site I'm using is not tumblr anymore and with that being said, I have a countless number of reasons as to why I migrated. But, this isn't what this post is about so enough with the irrelevant matters!

(I tend to talk or in this case, write too much and yes, that's one of the reasons.)

I recently had a shoot with Alyssa and if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed I couldn't stop leaking the photographs we took! I was very happy with the result and it was indeed something we planned on doing for such a long time. Inevitably, we took more than 800 shots in one day! So, I decided to start a new series called Shades of California, which mainly consists of different looks I incorporated with the same shirt.

The shirt I'm wearing is absolutely one of my favorites! In fact I keep on repeating this exact one over and over again because it's so comfortable and fashionable at the same time. And I am here to tell you, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with recycling outfits. The sole mindset society has instilled - that the proof of being fashionable involves not repeating a sartorial more than once - has utterly defaced fashion. One should have the freedom to dress whatever clothing they want without feeling the need to purchase another one of the same kind. Fashion is a form of expression and art, and not for the purpose of showing the world what brands are inscribed underneath your apparel.

Shirt from Pull and Bear
Leggings from UNIQLO
Boots from Doc Martens

What I love about this look is that it's casual and cute, definitely something I would wear during springtime or just basically during a casual day with ice cream involved - I'm craving for one now apparently.

With love, Gwyn

P.S. If you know where I got my title inspiration from, you the bomb!
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