Blithe Ventures

Music wise, I'm not one to tell people what I listen to (with the exception of One Direction songs, duh) because I'm very possessive of my playlists and all. I know it sounds selfish but ever notice a song that's supposed to be really good but unfortunately, played over and over again that you eventually learn to hate it? That's why.

But after hours of putting the same playlist on repeat and an almost empty box of donuts later, I decided to share what tunes I have been listening to and obsessing about over the past few weeks. My genre lies between indie pop and a bit of EDM. I'm not quite sure how to explain it but these are the most wonderful songs you've probably never heard before. So brace yourselves (half joking).

Happy listening!

With love, Gwyn

P.S. To all those who wanted my playlist with the full versions of the audio excerpts I always tease you guys about, it's here!
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