Sun Shy

This is the last shoot me and Alyssa did a while back. A long overdue post, exactly and despite having Sorry as the anthem everyone's being singing to, it is never too late.

My outfit is pretty much simple. It's the kind of getup someone could easily mimic and use on a daily basis. You can wear it while you're studying out, grabbing coffee with your friends, grocery shopping or whatever your heart desires - it's suitable for almost every lazy day you wish to have!

To make the look a bit more edgy, I wore my camisole with these ripped jeans. Also, when in doubt, tuck your shirt underneath - that's what I did. I'm not gonna lie, but wearing ripped jeans aren't actually the most comfortable pair of trousers you could wear. The struggle of not bending your knees too much to avoid ripping the entire material is pretty intense. So I suggest wearing the ripped jeans if your agenda doesn't include moving too much.

But what if my plans include exactly like that?

Well do not worry, I've got your back! Try pairing it up with normal jeans (sans the rips or with only minimal cuts that you're sure would not rip the entire thing off while you're sitting cross-legged on the floor), leggings, Mom jeans (I am in love with these jeans!) or those kinds of pants that end just on top of your ankle (preferably black or navy blue). Whichever works best for you will do the trick!

In addition to the look, I paired it with this long coat or cardigan (it's a mixture of a coat and a cardigan haha) which is actually my favourite part of this outfit. I always love layering my clothes but since the weather here in the Philippines basically prohibits us from doing so, I found this perfect coat that won't make you too hot under the scorching heat but it won't leave you freezing during a storm. Plus, it makes the look more chic!

I just opted to wear my Keds since I forgot to pack another pair with me during the shoot but i'm happy with the result nevertheless.

Camisole from Aeropostale
Jeans from Zara
Coat from H&M
Shoes from Keds
Shades from Marc Jacobs

The feedback I've been getting from my past two posts were overwhelming, thank you so much! I'm genuinely grateful for all the pageviews and reads I've been getting over the past few weeks, thanks again!

With love, Gwyn

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